Hi, This is easy mades again. If You have an apple iPhone, you may have a problem about the default ringing tones. When we hear the same ringing tone again and again it may be bored. But HOW to add a NEW ringing tone to apple iPhone?

It may not simple as other mobile phones (but not difficult ether). However if you follow the following steps you can use any ringing tone to your iPhone device as your taste.


Not like other phones, your apple device will only support .m4r file format as ringing tone. So shall we see how to do it.

You have to install iTune software in your PC and register on it.

Download a software to convert audio in to m4r format. You can use the following link to download one of such converters. 


Select an audio file and deduce the duration in to not more than 15 seconds.


Convert the file in to M4R format using downloaded converter software.


Connect your iPhone to the PC and RUN iTune


Drag and drop m4r file in to “TONE” window at iTune


Now go to settings > Sounds then you can see your ringing tone


If you have an apple iPhnoe you may already know that the buzziest button of the phone is “HOME” button. If you want to go back or undo, cancel etc. most of things are used this “HOME” button. Therefore there is a possibility to breakdown that button soon.

To prevent from such terrible issue I am going to show you how to activate a virtual button in your iPhone without any additional software.

This facility is available in the iPhone’s settings but it is not activated in default settings. If you follow the following steps you can enable that facility.


Click on GENERAL


Go to AccessiveTouch

Enable the AccessiveTouch Button

Now you can see a virtual button is on the screen.

If you want to, you can decide what activity should be activated when single touch, double touch and for long press.

Now you HOME button is safe.

Your comments are invaluable....

If you have followed my previous projects, you may already have an idea about SSD and RTC modules. This is also a digital clock but small and also more user friendly. In my previous LED clock and SSD RTC clock, there was no time "UP" and time "Down' functions. and also a defect i notice in that project was, when we try to change the time we had to start it from zero. In this project i have rectified those errors and some improvements as well.

Required parts
I have used few parts for this project and also familiar with you.


Read and understand pin-outs of the KXY-5461BS SSD. then you can buy SSD as same as or equal to  this SSD.

Now you need to use RTC module, but I recommended to built it yourself . Circuit is given below.

You can make it yourself having visited to my previous posts regarding RTC LED clock.

Following circuit is the switch panel.

Pin Connection of SSD with arduino is as follows.

Connect wires as follows, then connect it with RTC module

Complete project should be like below.

Now you can upload codes. Link to download code is given below

Once the code is uploaded you can see the exact time, then press MODE button. now you will see that the minutes numbers only shows and blink. press up or down to adjust minutes. 

Change Hours - Press again mode button and use "up" or "down" buttons to adjust the time. Once the adjustment is over press again mode button, then time is set. 

12/24 Hours - When time is run, press "Down" button to display 12/24 hours clock.

I hope you have watch my previous post regarding SIM 800L ATcommands. It is the basic and important part to understanding the working of SIM 800L module. Now in easy mades shall we go for more advance part that to understand the way of applying this module in to practical.

Watch before start the project

You know we can sen SMS and read SMS using this module. Once we received a massage we can read it and also we can send any word(texts). That text massage facility can be used as a special command. If we can get that command filtering other text massages, we can use those as a pass-code to activate a device or to send another command. 1st we have to filter our sms which is to be taken as commands out of other SMSs. Then assign the massage to a variable . after having red the variable you can do you activity.

Therefore, i change and made updates to sim800l Library. because sim 800l library can only get the massage details but we need only massage body. I will give you all the links at the end of this page.

Wiring part is same as my previous lesson PART 01, If you have not read that lesson, please read it. Only deference is i have added an LED to pin number 12 of Arduino Uno board.

Only for understanding I have added an LED if you want to operate AC device or any high volt device, you can add a relay instead of LED. I hope you know how to add a relay, but for beginners I have added that circuit below.

Following are the pin connection

If the wiring part is completed upload the codes

Our code is like this, If you want to On the device you have to send "#ON" without comma and also if you want to off the device you have to send an sms as "#OFF". the # mark is the identity to understand this device it as a command to active arduino code. 

If you read the code, you can make more improvements to this code.

Download the coding file and library from the link given below.

      Click on following to download Library and codes


If you have any doubt, please feel free to put a comment below.

If you are an arduino lover, you may be interested to work with mobile phone connections. I have seen some project which are activate with SMS or voice commands. but most of project are used old mobile phones. 

It is not easy to customize as our requirements. Therefore we can use GPRS module to make our own project as our wish. Most simplified and easiest way for a programmer is arduino platform. that is why i have used this SIM module with arduino. It  is not complicated. But there are more GPRS modules but I am using SIM800L module for this project.

Watch for more Details

Lets see the wiring as the wiring part is the most important part. It may be a cause to burn the device since a single mistake.

It should be connected arduino with sim800L module according to the above and connection will be shown as follows.

For more safety of the sim 800L module give the power to SIM800L module through Arduino Uno board through a diode as follows

Fore more details read the following image as well

If all the wiring connections are checked and confirmed as correct, go to arduino programme and do the coding. 

before the coding you must identify the correct direction of the sim card. it is normally printed on the surface of the sim slot.

To start coding, RUN arduino software.

Once the coding is uploaded, go to TOOLS > SERIAL MONITOR then, change the settings as follows

Now it is ready to check "AT" Commands.
Before check AT commands we have to check this module is working. Therefore you can take a phone call dialing the number of the sim using another sim. If you can hear the dialing tone, then your module is ready to work.

Now, Type AT in serial monitor and press ENTER, then serial monitor should display as OK. Then you can check with thousands of AT commands and learn how to work with sim800L module.

Click on following to download AT command list

Click on following to download the arduino  file

Arduino Code

SoftwareSerial Sim800l(10,11);
void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {



If you have any clarifications, comments about this project 
please feel free to put a comment below.

Will you forget to close the car window shutters ?. It may be a big risk to you and your security system may be worth less. Though your car is locked but the window shutters are remained opened, then you are in a risk.

That is why you need an automatic window roll up module. You can buy one from online. But it will be a cost of around $10.

But, in this tutorial "Easy Mades" is going to show you how to make a car window roll up module less than $5.

Let's Start the project.

you may need following parts

1. Arduino Uno
3.NPN Transisters
5. Resisters
8.Wire Strips

If you are not willing to use arduino Uno board, you can use the following circuit

Read and Understand the following circuit diagram and you can build it on a vero board.

You can see the wire "A", "B","C" and "D" it shoud be connected with window motors. The connection diagram as follows.

Lets Upload the codes.

 * www.easymades.com
 * www.facebooc.com/easymadescom
 * Car automatic window roll up module

int Dwindow = 4;
int Pwindow = 5;
int BTTpin = 7;
int DoorPin = 8;
int resetme =11;
int Horn = 10;
int DW_read;
int PW_read;
int BTT_Read;
int Door_Read;
int Delay = 6000;

void setup() {


if (BTT_Read ==0){
if (Door_Read ==1){
//Close Passanger Window
//Close Driver's Window





void loop() {


void Carhorn(){


Installation part

Find the center lock system of car. There may by 5 wires
Now change the multi meter position to DC voltmeter  

Then connect negative pin to car ground and connect each five
wires in center lock system and find "Lock" and "Unlock" wires 
having locked and unlocked the car using remote lock key.

Find the car horn wire, it should be negative trigger. 
Then find the negative trigger of door switch.

The most important wire is Battery wire. Battery wire gives 
you always power even the car is switch off. Therefore you 
must use a separate 20A fuse. 

Now put the car key and rotate once. and find the car power
 "ACC" wire.

To install the module you can find a better place. 
I hope inside the door is the best place to mount the module.

remove the door panel and install the module correctly.
after wiring is completed, close the door and lock the car. 
then if all the wiring is correct
1. two time horn
2.Close 1st window
3.Close 2nd window.

While the window is being closed, if you press the unlock 
roll up will be stopped.

Check the unit.

1. Open a door and click lock --> car horn only no roll up
2. Door closed and car on or started --> Horn only no roll up
3. Door opened and car on or started --> Horn  only no roll up.

****If the car horn is repeating, it means the module current 
is not adequate. 
Let me know fore troubleshooting.

***If the roll uo worked once and then no horn and roll up, 
please check the fuse. You may have to use a big fuse than 

In any case of trouble please ask me, I am willing to help you.

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