Free Energy

Among the most of fake free energy circuits, I found and tested this circuit as a good one. Why is this called as free energy?
Because its generates more power than input voltage. This power is more enough to light 1W LED as well. 

You are required following parts

01. 2N2222 Transister
02. 1k Resister
03. Round ferrite rod .
04. 30 SWG copper coil,

First we have to prepare the ferrite rod. You can take one from CFL
Now you have to make two coils . 1st one is 10 rounds and tap the coil and more 10 rounds from 30 SWG coil. Remove the protection coat cover of three ends.

circuit diagram as follows

Transistor pin out

You can connect even 2 LEDs as shown in below. But you need only 1.5v power.

Completed circuit

Green Wire    - LED(+)
Yellow Wire       - LED (-) and battery (-) 
White Wire         - Power +1.5v


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