SIM800L GPRS Module With Arduino Part 01 AT Commands

If you are an arduino lover, you may be interested to work with mobile phone connections. I have seen some project which are activate with SMS or voice commands. but most of project are used old mobile phones. 

It is not easy to customize as our requirements. Therefore we can use GPRS module to make our own project as our wish. Most simplified and easiest way for a programmer is arduino platform. that is why i have used this SIM module with arduino. It  is not complicated. But there are more GPRS modules but I am using SIM800L module for this project.

Watch for more Details

Lets see the wiring as the wiring part is the most important part. It may be a cause to burn the device since a single mistake.

It should be connected arduino with sim800L module according to the above and connection will be shown as follows.

For more safety of the sim 800L module give the power to SIM800L module through Arduino Uno board through a diode as follows

Fore more details read the following image as well

If all the wiring connections are checked and confirmed as correct, go to arduino programme and do the coding. 

before the coding you must identify the correct direction of the sim card. it is normally printed on the surface of the sim slot.

To start coding, RUN arduino software.

Once the coding is uploaded, go to TOOLS > SERIAL MONITOR then, change the settings as follows

Now it is ready to check "AT" Commands.
Before check AT commands we have to check this module is working. Therefore you can take a phone call dialing the number of the sim using another sim. If you can hear the dialing tone, then your module is ready to work.

Now, Type AT in serial monitor and press ENTER, then serial monitor should display as OK. Then you can check with thousands of AT commands and learn how to work with sim800L module.

Click on following to download AT command list

Click on following to download the arduino  file

Arduino Code

SoftwareSerial Sim800l(10,11);
void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {



If you have any clarifications, comments about this project 
please feel free to put a comment below.


  1. Hi, what supply did you use for the sim800l? Did you use an external supply for the gsm?

    1. No, I used +5v from arduino uno board through a diode. when the arduino board is is connected to Laptop computer.


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