Seven Segments Arduino Digital Clock #3

If you have followed my previous projects, you may already have an idea about SSD and RTC modules. This is also a digital clock but small and also more user friendly. In my previous LED clock and SSD RTC clock, there was no time "UP" and time "Down' functions. and also a defect i notice in that project was, when we try to change the time we had to start it from zero. In this project i have rectified those errors and some improvements as well.

Required parts
I have used few parts for this project and also familiar with you.


Read and understand pin-outs of the KXY-5461BS SSD. then you can buy SSD as same as or equal to  this SSD.

Now you need to use RTC module, but I recommended to built it yourself . Circuit is given below.

You can make it yourself having visited to my previous posts regarding RTC LED clock.

Following circuit is the switch panel.

Pin Connection of SSD with arduino is as follows.

Connect wires as follows, then connect it with RTC module

Complete project should be like below.

Now you can upload codes. Link to download code is given below

Once the code is uploaded you can see the exact time, then press MODE button. now you will see that the minutes numbers only shows and blink. press up or down to adjust minutes. 

Change Hours - Press again mode button and use "up" or "down" buttons to adjust the time. Once the adjustment is over press again mode button, then time is set. 

12/24 Hours - When time is run, press "Down" button to display 12/24 hours clock.


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