Car FM/AM Radio Signal Booster

If you are a travelling lover, It is normal that drive the vehicle all around the country. Even you have mp3 songs, it will be bored since you listen same collection every day. Therefore your FM radio is the solution for that matter.

But, when you drive out of the city, due to low frequency of brought casting channels, most of the times you can listen nothing from your radio tuner. Therefore you have to enhance the level of FM frequency with FM booster.

I found some circuits for boosting FM signals but the outcome was nothing. Therefore I ordered one from Aliexpress and tested it successfully.
This is kind of a plug and play device.
  • Give 12v to red wire
  • Connect mail Antenna jack to the FM Radio tuner
  • Connect Female Antenna jack to the Car factory FM radio antenna.

No doubt that you will be wonder how many channels are available than the installing booster.

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  1. I bought this device and received it today, and I installed it but found it very very bad, the noise became more in the radio and I did not find any improvement, but lost the transmission of radio stations AM


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